Thursday, February 21, 2008

About Susan

Susan Mernit is available to consult on business strategy, product development, revenue optimization, funnel management, media and hyper local, and audience acquisition/retention. She is particularly interested in working with companies focused on Web 2.0 tools, and on using platforms, personalization, recommendation and community to increase engagement and key metrics. She’s also fascinated with the transitions happening from classifieds models to more hybrid enhanced directories.

Susan has been a VP at Netscape and AOL, a senior director of Product Development at Yahoo!, a social media and web strategy/product development consultant, a consultant and editorial director for local newspapers, services and community tools, an experience conference organized, speaker and facilitator, and a energetic force in the blogging, tech feminist and online news communities.

Her resume is available at


Susan works with established companies and start-ups of all sizes on social media, media, hyper local, social search, community and deep vertical businesses. She has also consulted on executive decision-making, building teams and processes in turn around companies and start-ups, and on integration strategies for larger companies with diverse business portfolios.
After spending the past 2 years running the most visited online dating service on the net, she is particularly passionate about projects with customer acquisition, lead generation, viral distribution and people matching components.

She is also an avid and experienced blogger and has taught many workshops on blogs and social media.

Susan has done everything from writing vision statements, business plans and product documents, to helping companies write and deliver RFPs, hire vendors and partners, and optimize revenue.

Deliverables for projects Susan does could include the following types of output:

o Positioning plan and business strategy for start-up to take out for funding
o Strategy and product vision plans & facilitation, with execution LOE and timelines
o Revenue optimization plan for premium services and/or advertising business
o Editorial and community site development, particularly as a complement to an existing vertical or niche
o Product development plans related to social media, social search, deep verticals, life stage businesses, media & community sites, hyper local, and personalization tools.

Community development and hyper local or niche audience development plans including:
o Vendor appraisals/recommendations
o Blog and social media tools development and positioning
o Success metrics and tracking
o Staff /community training

Past consulting projects (as 5ive)-- 2003-2005

What clients have said:

“ She is knowledgeable, fast and extremely well-connected.”
--Jim Kennedy, VP, Associated Press

“I hired Susan and her staff at 5ive to help develop the business plan for, a website for a new magazine, and then execute the plan. She was a tremendous partner in the whole process. Professional, timely, detailed, tremendous execution and added even more value than we contracted her for. She did such a good job she was hired for multiple other projects by other managers at the company. I strongly endorse Susan.”
--Peter Schmidt, Hearst Magazine Group

“Susan is an extremely smart, experienced interactive-media expert who understands the technology, the content and the business aspects of interactive media.”
--Peter Zollman, AIM Group

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Client list

o Associated Press
o Consumer Reports
o CosmoGirl
o Hearst Magazine Group
o Knight Ridder Digital
o Popular Science
o Redbook
o TV Guide
o Yoga Journal

Social Media
o Eurekster
o Feedster
o Pluck, Blog Burst
o Rojo

Nonprofits & Local
o Ifocos
o Teachers Network
o Media Center, American Press Institute
o Dragonfly Media

(partial list)

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Speaking and facilitation

Her 2008 conference schedule includes

Programming and facilitation

Susan has developed speaker programs, workshops and related events for numerous conferences and groups including
o She’s geeky, Santa Clara, 2007
o BlogHer, 2005, 2006, 2007
o We Media, American Press Institute, 2006
o BlogOn, 2004
o BloggerCon, 2003

Friday, February 21, 2003


Susan Mernit’s Blog
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